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 Aves de Lima
All about birds in Lima. For the beginner in Spanish. Especially for those that want to take up birding with their kids.
 Birding Peru with Kolibri Expeditions
Birding Peru with the leading bird tour operator in Peru. Extensive program with birdwatching holidays. Trip reports. Archeology and Birding combinations. Also birding tours to other destinations in South America and Central America.
 Peru Birding Routes - Prom Peru Birdwatching web-page
Prom Peru (the national agency for tourism) is shouldering an important responsibility to market birdwatching in Peru. Lots of interesting articles by the top experts on birding in Peru.
 VI Congreso Nacional de Ornitología
Invitamos a todos los amantes de las aves, científicos, estudiantes, aficionados, autoridades, empresarios y público en general a participar en este VI Congreso Peruano de Ornitología a llevarse acabo del 09 al 12 de Octubre del 2005 en la ciudad de Chiclayo, y así ayudar a consolidar este campo de la ciencia en nuestro país.
 Xeno Canto - bird songs from tropical america
Xeno-canto hosts recordings of over 1000 species from Colombia, Peru and Brazil, and over 900 from Bolivia and Ecuador.
 Video flicks about birds in Peru
 Pelagics from Lima
El Sol Spanish Language School produced this video flick from the Kolibri Pelagic in mid February.
 Bavaria Birds
Birding news from Bavaria, Germany. Also on this page a number of trip reports from all over the world and Babelbirds - a translator of bird names into Spanish, English, French, German and Scientific.
 Bird Forum
Biggest bird forum web-page of all. Something for everyone
 Birding.COM is devoted to bird watching throughout the U.S. and around the world. There are over 2,500 articles and links on this website.
 Birds in the Interior of Ceará, Brazil
Birds in the Interior of Ceará, Brazil
Bird Watching trip reports and travel information from all around the world
 Birdwatching Guide by TripBuzz
The most essential resources needed for someone who just takes up birding and wants to explore more.
 Dean Birders (Disabled Forest of Dean birders)
Birdwatching information, gallery, and daily photo reports from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire maintained by and for disabled and housebound birdwatchers.
 Jack Siler´s Birding on the Net
A fantastic resource for reading the most important discussion groups for birders on-line. Birding Peru is obviously featured here as well.
 Spider Tech
Mist-nets and rings for banders. Digiscoping photo-adapters to telescopes.
 Travelling Birder
Internet portal to birding travel and birdwatching trip reports
 Hummingbirds of Venezuela - Ferraro Naturefilms
Very nice clip with Hummingbirds of Venezuela (long extended video for Sale). The site also sells a lot of other birding related products from Venezuela.
 Birding & Sightseeing Peru: Amazon R., Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Lima - 7/17-30/04.
Bird pictures and checklists from a trip by Douglas Bolt to Iquitos area, Cusco and Machu Picchu.
Immense database wiht bird pictures.
 Birds and Nature photography
Ilia Shalamaevs webpage
 Computer Birding
Fun game trying to ID bird photos (from West Palearctis). Higly recommended.
 Just birds
Silvio Sommazzi and Giuliano Gerra web page with their photographs of birds from all over the world. Silvio and Gerry travlled with Kolibri Expeditions in 2002.
Quality bird photographs from all around the world.
 Pelagics in the world
 Peru: Lima - Kolibri Expeditions
Deep sea pelagics 35 nmiles with chumming full day from Callao, Lima. Featured regular special birds are: Inca Tern, Peruvian Booby, Red-legged & Guanay Cormorant, Peruvian Diving-Petrel, Waved, Black-browed, Gray-headed, Buller´s and Salvin´s Alabtroses, Markham´s, Ringed, White-vented, Wedge-rumped and Black Storm-Petrel, Swallow-tailed Gull and South American Tern
 Peru - general
 Amazon Tours and Cruises with GreenTracks
The best tours of South American Rainforest & Archaeology. Wildlife viewing and adventure. Eco travel to the Amazon and Latin America. Amazon wildlife expeditions by river and land. Amazon Tours and Cruises. Amazon jungle lodges. Natural history and wildlife tours. Cuzco and Machu Picchu tours. Tours led by Zoologist and Naturalists from the USA. Inca Trail experts. Chachapoyas archaeological sites. New destinations all the time. Monthly Specials.
 whale-watching in the world
 Peru: Lima - Kolibri Expeditions
Whale and Dolphin watching trips (5 hours) with speed boat from Callao, Lima. Dolphins almost always seen (Dusky, Common and Bottle-nosed). Humpback Whales migrate through in Nov, Feb-March and July. Other whales, such as Blue, Sperm, Bryde´s, Fin and Sei Whale, as well as Risso´s Dolphin, Burmeister´s Porpoise and Orca can be seen any time of year. Whale and dolphin guarantee.
 Travel world-wide link exchange partners
 Italy Tour Guide
Access Italy provides private and exclusive tours throughout Italy
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