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 [Kalinowski´s Tinamou]
Nothoprocta ornata branickii nw 
 Alternative English Names: [Sin Datos]
 Alternative Scientific Names: [Sin Datos]
 Nombre en Español: [Perdiz de Kalinowski]
 Nombres alternativos en Español: [Sin Datos]
Range : E 
Status : [Sin Datos] 
 Notes :
 General Information:
A variant of branickii race of Ornate Tinamou.
 Identification Notes:
 Similar species:
 Taxonomic notes:
There is a paper in press which is invalidating Kalinowski´s Tinamou as species and maybe even as taxon (but maybe the last word is not said here). The discussion birding-peru mailing list is cited below. Read the bottom mail first Tom Schulenber writes on Sep 2, 200: Good summary, Jon. To clarify one point: Kalinowski´s T. may be worth recognizing as a subspecies (= the extreme end of a cline) Since the type specimen of Nothoprocta kalinowskii is identical to specimens earlier named as Nothoprocta ornata branickii, Nothoprocta kalinowskii is a synonym of branickii and the name kalinowskii ceases to exist. As Jon pointed out, the specimens (and recent sightings) from La Libertad are not similar at all to the type specimen of kalinowskii. It is a complete mystery how these northern birds came to be associated with kalinowskii. It is these northern birds that may be worth recognizing as a different subspecies (of ornata). In that case, however, these northern birds would require a completely new name; it would be incorrect to refer to them as Nothoprocta ornata kalinowskii (since that name is a synonym of Nothoprocta ornata branickii). Niels Krabbe refrained from giving these northern birds a new name, perhaps because that population can be interpreted as representing one end of a cline. The bottom line (the heart of the story) is that the tinamous in La Libertad with reddish wings are merely the local representative of the widespread Ornate Tinamou, and do not represent a different species, much less a threatened or endangered species (Kalinowski´s Tinamou). As I believe Jon has mentioned, all of this information (and a little bit more) is presented in a manuscript that has been submitted for publication. JOn Fjeldså writes: Sure, the kalinowskii specimens from La Libertad are darker, more rufous on the wing than all others. But specimens from Cord Negra (I think they were collected by Vuilleumier in a Puya area) are very similiar, and so are some from Cord. Blanca. Specimens from Junín are variable, but included some with quite rufous wings. The kalinowskii specimen from Licamachay in Cuzco (still in Warshaw in Poland) is very close to other ornata specimens from Cuzco (slightly more densely barred wing-coverts) and totally different from La Libertad specimens. It is difficult to understand how Koepcke could conclude that these were the same species (but apparently she was never able to directly compare these birds). So the over all picture is clinal variation, with progressively more rufous wings in the northwestern populations. Kalinowski´s T. may be worth recognizing as a subspecies (= the extreme end of a cline). Jon Fjeldså Gunnar Engblom writes: Jon. Niels told me about his forthcoming paper so I knew about this. However, the birds we have seen in Cordillera Negra recently seem to correspond well of the form know as Kalinowski´s Tinamou and very similar to the bird we saw on the Ancash/Libertad northern border. Will kalinowski be invalidated even as taxon? How much material of ornata is collected from Cordillera Negra? I also checked the kalinowski specimen at AMNH and compared with a specimen of ornate from central Junin. Kalinowski was darker and darker rufous-chestnut in the wing, but the Junin specimen was surprisingly rich colored (closer to cinnamon-orange) on the secondaries, quite different from straw color shown in most field guides. The back feathers I obtained when we saw this bird in 2000 could not be differentiated form any of the two. Was any DNA work done in Niels Krabbe´s work? Gunnar -----Mensaje original----- De: Fjeldså, Jon Jueves, 26 de Agosto de 2004 02:33 a.m. Ornate Tinamous are very variable in colours, with a gradual cline from S to N with progressively more rufous wings. Chilean birds have no rufous on the flight-feathers, but there is some rufous-buff on the secondaries in central Peru, and a lot (and a very densely barred wing-coverts) in Junin and La Libertad. Thus, Kalinowski´s Tinamou from La Libertad is nothing but a very obscurely marked and rufous-winged Ornate Tinamou. Niels Krabbe has examined a large material and has a paper in press describing the variation and documenting that Kalinowski´s Tinamou does not exist, as the three known specimens fall completely within the colour variation of Ornate Tinamou. Jon Fjeldså
Niels Krabbe & Thomas S. Schulenberg Bull. B.O.C. 2005 125(4)
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[Kalinowski´s Tinamou]
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 Ancash Aija-Recuay rd Has observations
09° 44' S - 77° 30' W
 La Libertad
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Monday, August 4, 2003
Depart: Ancash
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