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 (Great-billed) Strong-billed Woodcreeper
Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus - orenocensis group 
 Alternative English Names: [Sin Datos]
 Alternative Scientific Names: [Sin Datos]
 Nombre en Español: Trepador de Pico Fuerte de la Amazonia
 Nombres alternativos en Español: Trepador de Pico Fuerte
Range : [Sin Datos] 
Status : [Sin Datos] 
 Notes :
 General Information:
 Identification Notes:
 Similar species:
 Taxonomic notes:
HBW 8 is not completely clear which taxa occurs in Peru, but the following is what I can sort out from the text. All in this group are larger than the Andean froms with longer, heavier and mostly pale bill, more rufescent overall especially rufous below, with crown blackish and boldly streaked, indistinct moutachial stripe. X. p. orenocensis most of the Northern Amazonian Lowlands including along rio Ucayali - very indistinct barring below and indistinct streaking above, X. p. berlepschi possibly eastern Ucayali department (Rio Jurúa and Purus) simlar to the above but more rufous below and more weakly spotted on belly, X. p. solvivagus of upper tropical zone of Chanchamayo area in Junin and most likely also North to Huanuco has much smaller bill and is paler and less rufous below; and finally X. p. obseletus which is stated to occur in La Paz in Bolivia and therefor seem likely to occur also in Madre de Dios also has a smaller bill but is quite reddish below.
Songs of all taxa seemingly similar.
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 Notes on distribution and abundance:
(Great-billed) Strong-billed Woodcreeper
 Distribution :
NOT checked in list yet
 Department  Birding Site Trail
 Amazonas Nuevo Salem-Uut Has observations
04° 51' S - 78° 19' W
 Huanuco Cerros de Sira No observations
09° 25' S - 74° 44' W
 Huanuco Cerros de Sira Camp 750-1100m No observations
09° 27' S - 74° 45' W
 Loreto Explorama No observations

 Loreto ExplorNapo No observations
03° 26' S - 72° 48' W
 Loreto Tahuayo River: Tahuayo / Jacamar Lodges No observations
04° 18' S - 73° 14' W
 Madre de Dios Explorer's Inn Has observations

 Madre de Dios Posada Amazonas Has observations

 Madre de Dios Manu Camping Lodge Has observations
12° 20.26' S - 70° 43.44' W
 Madre de Dios Cocha Camungo (access trail) + Macaw lick Has observations

 Madre de Dios Shintuya and surroundings Has observations
12° 40.1' S - 71° 17.9' W
 Madre de Dios Amazonia Lodge No observations
12° 52' S - 71° 22' W
 Madre de Dios Pantiacolla Lodge No observations

 Madre de Dios EcoAmazonia Lodge No observations
12° 31' S - 68° 55' W
 Madre de Dios Tambopata Research Center - including Colpa camp No observations

 Madre de Dios Manu Wildlife Center No observations
12° 57' S - 70° 23' W
 Madre de Dios Sachavacayoc lodge area No observations

 Madre de Dios Lago Sandoval area No observations
12° 36' S - 68° 85' W
 Madre de Dios Los Amigos research center No observations

 Madre de Dios Charro Lodge No observations

 Pasco Villa Rica No observations
10° 44' S - 75° 16' W
 Ucayali Gran Pajonal and Southern Cerros de Sira No observations
10° 42' S - 74° 07' W
 Ucayali Atalaya vicinity lowland-upper trop zone No observations
10° 47' S - 73° 47' W
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 Observation/heard bird:
Last 50 Obs. 
 Date Location GPS
Saturday, May 31, 2008
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
Saturday, May 31, 2008
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
Sunday, July 23, 2006
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
Saturday, July 22, 2006
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
Friday, August 26, 2005
Depart: Amazonas
Birding Site:
Saturday, June 19, 1999
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
Wednesday, October 18, 1995
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
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