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 Crested Eagle
Morphnus guianensis 
 Alternative English Names: [Sin Datos]
 Alternative Scientific Names: [Sin Datos]
 Nombre en Español: Aguila Crestada
 Nombres alternativos en Español: [Sin Datos]
Range : [Sin Datos] 
Status : NT 
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Crested Eagle
 Distribution :
NOT checked in list yet
 Department  Birding Site Trail
 Cusco Manu road: Mirador 1700m to Chontachaca No observations

 Loreto ExplorNapo Has observations
03° 26' S - 72° 48' W
 Loreto Explorama No observations

 Loreto ExplorNapo No observations
03° 26' S - 72° 48' W
 Loreto Jeberos No observations

 Loreto Tahuayo River: Tahuayo / Jacamar Lodges No observations
04° 18' S - 73° 14' W
 Madre de Dios Manu Camping Lodge Has observations
12° 20.26' S - 70° 43.44' W
 Madre de Dios Cocha Blanco (access trail) Has observations
12° 24.25' S - 70° 42.87' W
 Madre de Dios Illachoque Has observations

 Madre de Dios Amazonia Lodge No observations
12° 52' S - 71° 22' W
 Madre de Dios Pantiacolla Lodge No observations

 Madre de Dios EcoAmazonia Lodge No observations
12° 31' S - 68° 55' W
 Madre de Dios Explorer's Inn No observations

 Madre de Dios Tambopata Research Center - including Colpa camp No observations

 Madre de Dios Posada Amazonas No observations

 Madre de Dios Malinowski Check point + trails No observations

 Madre de Dios Puerto Maldonado and vecinity (incl. road to infierno) No observations
12° 36' S - 69° 13' W
 Madre de Dios Manu Wildlife Center No observations
12° 57' S - 70° 23' W
 Madre de Dios Sachavacayoc lodge area No observations

 Madre de Dios Rio Tambopata No observations

 Madre de Dios Lago Sandoval area No observations
12° 36' S - 68° 85' W
 Madre de Dios Rio Madre de Dios (Puerto Maldonado-Rio Heath) No observations

 Madre de Dios Los Amigos research center No observations

 Distribution : In GPS
 Observation/heard bird:
Last 50 Obs. 
 Date Location GPS
Thursday, July 20, 2006
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
The young have almost the ad. size, but is still not flying and stay on the nest. After about one hour of observation, an ad. arrived with a small mammal (probably a small monkey) and feed the young. Spectacular !!!!
General:2; Ad:1; Pull:1;
Sunday, October 30, 2005
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
Ad:1;  Actions: Nesting;
Wednesday, September 7, 2005
Depart: Madre de Dios
Birding Site:
Sunday, July 24, 2005
Depart: Loreto
Birding Site:
Friday, July 22, 2005
Depart: Loreto
Birding Site:
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